My new house

Leaving the old place from 1930 for something fresh.

Build start is planned during early spring 2022. Ready sometime in November if everything goes well. 

Located in "Gamla Hulta", Ronneby. My place will be the 8th and final house in this new small area in a rather old part of Ronneby. 

House is designed and delivered by Lindén Villan. Robust, maintenance free concrete walls with inside wood construction to achive max durability and flexibility. This gives a heavy construction that is soundproofing and will level out heat/cold variations.

Walls have 70mm solid concrete layer with molded exterior structure. 220mm polystyrene foam insulation, and 70mm insulation in the wood construction. 
All in all with interior drywall etc, a total wall thickness of 395mm.

Foundation have a poly foam separation between the frame construction and the floor base as a thermal separator, 400mm ground insulation. 


Geothermal heating, FTX ventilation and planning for solar power as well.

My design mantra have been maintanance and care free, as well as top energy efficiency. And of course the perfect house layout for me, and a house to grow old in.

Lindén Villan

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